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Complete Pneumatics

            Application Guide

            New FAA-PMA Approved
            Dry Air Pumps,
            Filters, Regulators

            FAA Approved Overhauled
            Dry Air Pumps

            Section 1: Type Certified Aircraft
            Section 2: Kit Plane Vacuum System Kit By RAPCO - Replacement Parts
            Section 3: Dry Air Pump Cross Reference for Kit Plane and Experimental Aircraft Engines

            For reference only. For installation eligibility refer to the FAA-PMA Supplement.
            Some aircraft models or particular serial numbers may have applications other than those listed in this guide.
            Consult the appropriate aircraft parts catalogue, maintenance manual or equipment list when selecting a part for installation.
            To convert an Airborne or Parker part number to RAPCO, on new dry air pumps add RAP to the beginning of the number, on other new Rapco
            products add RA.

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